Terry Farley & Dave Jarvis ‘Happy Days’ Interview (Part 1)

Last week I sat down with two men who’ve seen more than their rightful share of the nightlife; from Junior Boys Own to Faith respectively, these guys were there and in my opinion remain relevant exponents of all that is good about dance music.

Terry and Dave have just released an amazingly comprehensive series of compilations encompassing much of the funk and disco influences of their early years; it’s incredibly rare to see compilations of this breadth that are, you know, totally legit! In a lot of ways these comps are a one stop wav shop for all you digital DJs out there who are finding your 1970’s sea legs, as it were.

Anyway, these guys were so interesting and relentlessly entertaining that I had to break it into two parts. Here we go…

Part one in a two part series.

vimeo Direkt

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