Kasper Bjorke ‘Heaven’ (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

I don’t think anyone would argue that this past summer has heralded a real resurgence in the Balearic music tradition (how’s that for a red rag to a bull). What have the big tunes been? Well in my book it’d be hard not to mention Begin’s ‘Optical Holiday‘, Mudd & Pollard’s ‘Vincent‘ and this out and out beauty: Prins Thomas’s sublime mix of Kasper Bjorke’s ‘Heaven’.

From the misleading funereal march of the first minute to the opiate lushness that is the next guitar-skanking, string-soaked eight minutes, this positively screams ‘underground classic’ from the rooftops. I also think, (along with his new mix of Cosmic Metal Mother) that it’s one of Prins Thomas’s finest productions; heartening stuff as it seemed to me he lost his way a bit in the last couple of years, with some overwrought arrangements and cluttered productions.

Anyway, it’s been kicking about digitally for a while but you can now finally buy it on the black stuff too.

Speaking of digital, my friends at Augmented Ibiza have launched a competition to find the tune of the summer, and this popped up mysteriously (ahem) on their Facebook page.

There’s daily prizes and a big prize for the winner in two weeks time. There’ll be daily prizes of £20 worth of music from Juno Download for suggestions with the most “likes”. Why the hell not I say…

Kasper Bjorke ‘Heaven’ (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) by cmjct

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