Crue-L Grand Orchestra ‘(You Are) More Than Paradise’ (Theo Parrish Long Version 1)(Crue-L Records)

I feel like such a darned hypocrite when it comes to Theo Parrish, the remixer of this record (see my rant about Billy Love for some clarification). I’ve thought him overrated for so long, yet now I think he’s a genius. Inconsistent much? Still, I continue to think his early records are crappy, but I think his recent efforts are totally phenomenal. This is no different. Sure he’s working with some gorgeous parts, but his production is so deft, so FUNKY, so subtle that I found it very hard not to listen with my mouth agape and a look of euphoric disbelief on my face.

I paid seventeen quid for this Japan-only twelve, but I was never in any doubt that it was essential. Buy buy buy.

Crue L Grand Orchestra ‘(You Are) More Than Paradise (Theo Parrish Long Version 1) (Crue L Japan) by cmjct

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