Frank Booker Q & A

Frank Booker has produced one of the most exciting new artist EP’s of the last six months with the ‘Brothers‘ EP (in my humble-ish opinion).

“Nepotism!” I hear you cry (he’s on Untracked Recordings after all; the label I half own). Thankfully I’m not alone in this: DJ’s such as Todd Terje and Detroit’s Recloose have gone bananas over this record.

Anyway, I thought I’d chase up Monsieur Booker for a quick Q&A before he disappeared for a palatial month-long Croatian beat-digging sabbatical…


Frank Booker

I can hear alot of different influences in your music. What are the elements that make up FB?

I love collecting records, I’ll get completely caught on one tune, a certain element or feel of the record, strip back the layers usually twist the sample up (this is important!!!).
I feel like a Frank Booker tune is all about sampling & reinvention. Let me not forget to mention some of the fine musicians who have laced the records with some good shit. Nate Juan!
Things may change in time, but for the moment that’s where it’s at for me (sampling).

Tell us about your production set up.

Ain’t that much to tell ! I’m a dedicated Mac user since years ago, running Logic Pro 8 & Ableton Live. Got a Novation Zero SL and Akai MPD 32 (retired MPC user! Don’t tell the backpackers!!) The crucial thing for me is a good solid mix-down, and I’m lucky to have a serious engineer is my hometown who’s doing a fine job on this shit. Getting it outside that computer box and giving it a bit of dirt.

What do you make of re-edit culture?

I dunno, I’m not gonna talk down about it, as I’m a massive sample fiend. I think as long as the said edit is a dope flip or fresh idea then I’m cool with it. I’ve got some killer re-edits done the years, too many to mention in fact.

What other producers/artists are you feeling right now?

I’ve got my eye on all sorts of different shit right now, but some stuff I’ve been feeling lately is people like Tom Trago, really liked his album on Rushhour. I’ve heard some really good shit from people on myspace since I got on that (late!)…. people like Red Rack Em, Paniprat, Eddie C, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Move D, Linkwood Family, All Out War.. I’m well into that record (America). Also, Rondenion from Japan. He’ serious!

Give us a top five and tell us why.

1. Dan Electro. I’ve got that feeling.
Mad cut up jazz gospel spooky organ party music.
2. Crown Heights Affair. Say a Prayer for Two.
Essential disco party killer.
3. Blackjoy. La Stache
So good. Do I need to describe it? One of the best Disco tracks, of any time period!
4. Henrik Schwarz. Marvin.
I’ve seen this record stir a whole club from a 4am end of night to the beginning of a whole new level of slow motion space boogie. Marvin, the greatest of all time! Henrik Schwarz is a bad man too.
5. Norma Jean Bell. Baddest Bitch.
Had to put some KDJ shit in there. This is a party record. Love seeing the girls get serious to this!

What have you got coming up in ’09?

I got a new record for Untracked (oh yeah!) in July. I hope people like it. I want to thank everyone who’s  picked up the Brothers EP too, I’m always amazed the people reaching out and showing love. I’ve just finished a remix with my friend Recloose for Los Amigos Invisibles on Lovemonk Records. We did the main remix together and it was dope! I’ve also done a Frank Booker Dub of said remix.
After that I’ve got more remix stuff and another EP before the end of 2009 no doubt. I’m going to push out the DJing a bit more too!

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