Bryan Ferry ‘You Can Dance’ (Padded Cell Remix)


Do you remember back in the nineties when you used to describe a hot joint as being straight “gaaaangsta!”? Now don’t front, I know for a fact a lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about. Before you became the austere chroniclers of all things high end, collectable and beardtastic, you used to rock PNB (when it was independent!) and have little temples to Primo set up in the corners of your bedsits. Don’t think I don’t know.

Anyway, I’ve started using the adjective “gangsta” again (liberally) to describe a hot groove, or a outfit that knows how to set up a hot groove. Padded Cell are one of those outfits. So is Maurice Fulton, so is Jimmy Edgar and so are Cage & Aviary. Straight gangsta!

Padded Cell have been frustratingly quiet of late, only giving us a momentary glimpse of their powers in recent times with their totally gangsta (see? It’s easy) remix of LCD Soundsystem’s ’45:33′, a remix that was kind of eclipsed by the hugely hyped Theo Parrish version of the same tune. So here they are in full effect. And the silk-hankied fop never had it so good.

Bryan Ferry ‘You Can Dance’ (Padded Cell Remix) by cmjct

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