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Howard Marks Interview

This international drug smuggling counterculture icon needs no introduction (what twenty-something didn’t read Mr Nice in the last fifteen years?). I interviewed the man recently for the Basement Sessions, and he was an absolute gem: as charming as you’d expect, as intelligent and quick-witted as a man would have to be to evade the law […]

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Martyn Interview

DJ Martyn Interview – AllSaints Basement Sessions from AllSaints on Vimeo. Dubstep has had some interesting permutations over the last year or three: it’s become the sonic underbelly for so much of pop music, spawned some truly awful adolescent chest-bumping and morphed into some wonderful bass-led dancefloor business from people as varied as Shackleton and […]

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Caravan ‘Une Nuit De Voyage’ Mix

I can’t believe we’ve come to the end of 2012’s titanically eventful summer, and subsequently ALMOST the Heads Down summer sessions at Caravan. Considering it’s a summer that won’t be particularly remembered for it’s Copacabana-esque weather, for some reason when it came to the sessions it was always sunny and warm. Praise the Balearic spirit! […]

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Land Of Light ‘Land Of Light’ (ESP Institute)

I’ve been championing Jonny Nash as a genuinely exciting talent to watch for some time now (see my post on his wonderful Cos Mes remix), so when I heard that he and Kyle Martin (he of Heads Down favourite Spectral Empire) were producing an album together I did a little wee and clapped my hands […]

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Hot Chip ‘How Do You Do’ (Todd Terje Remix)

Why so late in the summer guys? If this doesn’t scream festival anthem I don’t know what does. If anyone ever doubts that great art, psychology and mathematics lie at the feet of every great dance remix, point them to this serotonin release value. Ascending bassline- check. Driving, techy pads-check. Life affirming, sob-athon of a […]

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Major Lazer ‘Get Free’ (feat Amber Coffman)

Featuring Amber Coffman from Dirty Projectors, this slice of left field Balearic pop is definitely up there in my top five (so far) of 2012. Like all the best pop it’s melodically unforgettable and sonically timely; but this one snatches the prize because it is also so prescient, so topical, so NOW. Lyrically it’s a […]

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