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Leo Zero ‘Very Repetitive’ LP (with free download)

If you’re a fan of Soundstream, Crydamoure and the rougher cut and paste end of vintage Roule, then you are going to lose your proverbial when you hear this. Leo Zero seems to be going from strength to strength production-wise; the relentless remix schedule over the past couple of years seems to have given him […]

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Feel My Bicep Residency @ Plastic People

My friends over at the illustrious Feel My Bicep blog have launched a monthly residency at London’s world-famous Plastic People club (a club known for it’s impeccable soundsystem) and I have a strong suspicion it’s going to be a killer night. These dudes have a highly diverse and refined dance music palette (as well as […]

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Art, Music, Love & Money in Ibiza 2011

More ruminations on the state of the White Island from Nightmares On Wax, Toddla T et al… My own risible contributions included (inevitably). By the way: I meant ‘Two Of China’, not ‘Two China’, before any of you nerds get up in my grill!

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Gary Numan Interview

There’s not a lot I need to say about this guy. Pioneering synth fanatic, androgynous 80’s industrial pop legend. His willingness to discuss his Aspergers was truly inspiring and will hopefully comfort the many sufferers of this disconnecting and debilitating affliction. Not only that, but I liked him, plain and simple.

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Tricky Interview

From his early days riding with the hugely influential Bristolian Wild Bunch (the foundation of Massive Attack) to featuring in The Fifth Element movie, no one can accuse Tricky (aka Adrian Thaws) of being a couch potato. This my interview with him for Creative Britain, a culture programme curated by AllSaints Basement Sessions and GQ. […]

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Changing Faces Of Music In Ibiza

The people behind the devilishly clever iPhone app Augmented Ibiza have lately been making some excellent little films based around the musical and cultural aspects of the White Island, and they foolishly asked me to come aboard and give my barely coherent two cents worth. It’s definitely an interesting watch (my gibbering aside) and definitely […]

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