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Exclusive Honey Soundsystem Mix

The Honey Soundsystem are a San Francisco based ‘queer collective’ of disco and house crazed party people who have recently been gaining some infamy outside their hometown. They’re known to book international record players like Todd Terje, Horse Meat Disco and Cosmo Vitelli, which has no doubt help spread their debauched leather-clad late night litany […]

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BBC 6 Music 6 Mix vs Heads Down Radio

Yes, it’s about that time: the mighty Auntie Beeb is again injecting Heads Down with it’s global awesomeness, allowing more than you and your mate to hear the poorly yet passionately conceived selections and inane dribble emanating from yours truly. The last show had unbelievably strong ratings (thanks to you lot) and I’d like to […]

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