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Billy Love ‘Melloghettomental’

At some point in the last decade I remember reading an interview with a young Theo Parrish that I found so grievously pompous, that I scored a three point rubbish bin shot after four paragraphs. It’d always seemed to me that he was a little too sure, and not substantial enough in his output. Yet […]

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RBMA Moodymann Roller Disco film

I was absolutely gutted I couldn’t go to this (I had to DJ that night, predictably) as it looks like it was another no-holds-barred Red Bull Music Academy scene stealer. Everyone I know who was there had an amazing time; I’m not surprised if this film is anything to go by. Damn you all! Damn […]

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Sean P Interview

When I first arrived in London in 1997, I used to make regular pilgrimages down to the Music & Video Exchange at Notting Hill Gate. There in the dance basement sat a man known (with hushed reverence) as ‘The Knowledge’. ‘The Knowledge’ was the ‘go-to-guy’ for information on any black music-related obscurity, and to get […]

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Erdbeerschnitzel ‘Tonight Is Today Is Tomorrow’

I know I’m probably waaay off the boil on this one (it has been Piccadilly Record’s ‘Record Of The Week’, afterall), but it’s absolutely brilliant, so who cares? If I can put two more people on to this, then it’s been worth the post. Raw production, jubilant crowds, emotive synths of such lightness that they subvert […]

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Competition for 12×12 @ Scala tickets

A Guy Called Gerald (London), Arthur Baker (London), Jazzie B (Soul II Soul, London), Martyn Ware (Human League, Heaven 17, London), MJ Cole (Prolific, London), Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order, Manchester), Robert Owens(Fingers Inc., London), Roni Size (Full Cycle, V Recordings, Bristol), Shades Of Rhythm(London), Shy FX (Digital Soundboy, London), X-Press 2 (Junior Boy’s Own, Skint, London), Zinc (Bingo Beats, London) & Dynamite MC (Strong […]

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Felix & The Idjut Boys Party

As you know, I only post party info very occasionally. But as soon as I saw this flyer I knew it had to go up. How brilliant is that?! Listen to Felix here to get you rolling. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams…

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Moodymann Lecture (RBMA)

Now, I don’t usually post stuff that I didn’t have a hand in making, but this is different. This is, quite possibly the greatest Red Bull Music Academy lecture ever, so damn right I’m going to put it up on Heads Down. Moodymann aka Kenny Dixon Jr doesn’t do press, but it seems that when […]

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Trevor Jackson Interview

Recently I had a quick word or two with a flu-ridden, jet-lagged and subsequently irascible Trevor Jackson at the Red Bull Music Academy. The dude looked like he wanted out, but kindly put up with my weirdly pitched questions and inane banter nevertheless. Kudos, as they say in Nerdsville. By the way, I strongly recommend […]

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Moodymann & Horse Meat Disco Roller Disco

I have two tickets to give away to this (frankly) awesome-looking Red Bull Music Academy night at the Renaissance Rooms in South (I know I know!) London this Thursday night. Moodymann‘s a longtime Roller Disco supporter/instigator, and he’s repping it hard this week: he’s brought his finest skater/dancers with him from Detroit and has the […]

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