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Heads Down Radio goes to the BBC

All is not well at Chateau Tubbs. My records are currently piled high, like towering pillars of vinyl babel all over my living room. My living room resembles a panic room; not the kind of room you lock yourself in (in a potentially dangerous situation), but a panic room in the sense that it’s inhabitant […]

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James Pants Interview

James Pants makes me want to make more music, period. His productions have a level of joie de vivre and straight joyfulness that most music makers I know would give their left testicle (or ovary for that matter) to maintain. He wears his influences on his sleeve: post punk, disco, hip-hop and rock all get […]

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Carl Craig Competition & Video Edit

Today I’ve got something more than a little special for you: this Friday the 12th is Red Bull Music Academy‘s techno extravaganza at the Royal Festival Hall in London, and I’ve got two free tickets to give away (for you and your fellow anorak). The line up’s incredible: Carl Craig, Francesco Tristano & Moritz von […]

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Cosmo Interview

This week (after a rather lengthy wait) is my interview with Bitches Brew head honcho, Loft and Lucky Cloud Soundsystem acolyte DJ Cosmo. Hailing originally from Holliston, Massachusetts (near Boston), Cosmo (aka Colleen Murphy) is a ridiculously talented and passionate broadcaster slash music obsessive. Here she talks about how she discovered dance music, her experiences at […]

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