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Bill Brewster Interview (Part Two)

Well, my intention for this interview was for it to be in two parts. Annoyingly, when I came to edit, it was all too strong: Bill talking about his seminal experiences in New York is straight-up gold. Damn you Bill Brewster! Part Three to follow… vimeo Direkt

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Bill Brewster Interview (Part One)

From his punk-loving roots in Grimsby to his current position as chronicler of dance culture (alongside Frank Broughton) and DJ History supremo, Bill Brewster is leading a rich and varied life. His Lowlife parties have imbued him with a reputation as an eclectically kick-ass DJ and his writing has made him a sort of Albus […]

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Flemming Dalum ‘Boogie Down Rimini’ Mix (Magic Waves)

Recently I had a phone conversation with Red Rack em (see my interview here at Heads Down) whereby he was raving about (he’s usually raving about something) some legendary DJ mixes by a mysterious eighties Danish Italo DJ named Flemming Dalum . He told me I should call Ali Renault (he of Heartbreak fame) and get […]

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Joey Negro Interview (Part Two)

Part two of my exclusive interview with Mr Joey Negro. vimeo Direkt

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Lindstrom & Cristabelle ‘Baby Can’t Stop’ (Aeroplane Dub) (Small Town Supersound/Feedelity)

Well I have to be honest, I’ve never really felt Aeroplane. I’ve always found their productions too laptop, the drums sort of fat, but sort of clunky, and it all a bit (I hate to say it) cheap-sounding. But here inevitably, is something I like. The synths on this dub are absolutely OUTRAGEOUS. They should […]

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LCD Soundsystem ‘Bye Bye Bayou’ (DFA Records)

It’s always, or rather generally, something to get excited about when a new LCD Soundsystem record emerges from the ether. If you’re a regular reader/viewer/listener of Heads Down, you’ll realise I have the occasional predilection for twisted or ethereal pop- this is one of those records (WARNING: if you’re only here for the discoid underground […]

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Heads Down Radio Show (October ’09)

Right then, here it is: Heads Down Radio volume two. I had a blast recording this… There’s two new treats from Untracked (the upcoming Red Rack’em and Off Key Hat respectively) as well as stunning heat from analog heroes Massimiliano Pagliara and Rhythm Based Lovers. Stream or download- it’s entirely up to you… 1. Massimiliano […]

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