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Joey Negro Interview (Part One)

Dave Lee aka Joey Negro has cut a controversial figure over the years. Derided by some as having too much of a commercial sensibility (Jakatta) and never being quite underground enough (Sunburst Band), the reality is far more complicated, yet inversely far simpler than that. The reality is that Dave Lee does, and has done […]

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Mr De’ ‘Please Believe It’ (Renaissance Records)

A while back I stumbled upon this el sicko record on a pretty middling Detroit techno compilation; it was hiding in the middle somewhere around track 15. When I first heard it, I thought that this must have been some big stateside record that somehow passed me by (maybe I was on holiday with the […]

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Faze Action Interview (Part Two)

Here we have the conclusion of my interview with the veritable Faze Action. They talk about their live plans, the realities of the business and what inspired them to come back with such conviction. If you’re wondering about my weird little gasp at the mention of Yam Who?, it’s not because I’m a fanatical fan […]

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Special Needs @ The Lockside Lounge, Saturday, September 26th

Now I don’t usually post my gigs (maybe I should start- duh), but this should be awesome. The Special Needs crew are total freaks, not only for the music, but for the PARTY. The happening’s at Camden’s Lockside Lounge which is super-friendly and just the right side of controlled chaos. I haven’t played for these […]

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Saint Etienne ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ (2009 Extended Remix)(Heavenly)

I have to admit, when this arrived in the post my heart sank. Saint Etienne reminds me of one of the best summers of my life: my first year of university (not that many lectures were attended), a whirlwind of romances with worldly (loose) women and the start of my long love affair with electronic […]

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Faze Action Interview (Part One)

I first became aware of Faze Action (along with most people) in 1996 with their all-time classic release ‘In The Trees‘. I still listen to this record with a sense of envy and wonder; to compose your watershed record so early in your career must be at times a blessing and a curse. The brothers […]

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Boredoms ‘Ant 10’ (Lindstrøm Remix)

Boredoms is a band from Osaka in Japan. I’m pretty sure I caught them (unintentionally) at a gig at Camden’s Barfly waaaaay back in the day (baggy jeans, hoodies, garish Nikes Wovens- Tubbs circa 1999…) and I kind of watched/drank/ignored in equal measure. They’ve kind of sloshed from one trend to the other: from psyche […]

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Desire ‘Don’t Call’ (Italians Do It Better)

Italians Do It Better are, for my money, one of the greatest independent record labels in the world, bar none. Their roster of artists is like a who’s who of the contemporary east coast underground: Glass Candy, Chromatics, Mirage, Nite Jewel, Bottin (the only Italy-based Italian)… I could go on. But I think their reach […]

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Heads Down Radio Show (August ’09)

OK, it’s about that time. I’ve been promising to start a podcast for a while, so here, ladies and gentlemen lies the inaugural show. Every month from here on in (alongside the exclusive interviews and upfront new music) I’ll be recording an hour long mix-style radio show of brand new cuts and future classics from […]

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