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Ashley Beedle Interview (Part One)

If you were to ask me to roll out my top twenty records made in the last fifteen years you could be pretty much assured  that ‘Blacker’ by The Ballistic Brothers and Black Science Orchestra’s ‘New Jersey Deep’ would find their way on to that list. Those records soundtracked so many late nights and early […]

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Mark E ‘Night Mover’ (Creative Use 2008)

Mark E is a Birmingham beatmaker who leapt to prominence with his amazing Jisco Records re-edit of ‘Baby I’m Scared Of You’ by Womack & Womack. ‘Scared’ is no average chop-up mind you. The track loops, sprawls, filters and hypnotises across 8-9 minutes before finally dropping into the original song (and taking off a few […]

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James Priestley Interview

James Priestley is a club promoter. Not your garden variety Kanye-rip-sunglasses-rocking, Modular-T-Shirt-sporting, Italian-accent-accentuating, Ketamine-rectal-shelving, short-changing, water-charging, soon-to-working-back-at-his-fathers-delicatessen “promoter” (that one might encounter on a night out). No, this is guy is a different beast all together. I first met James many years ago when he was working at a distributor that was distributing my first […]

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Dam-Funk “On & On” (Stones Throw Records ’09)

“Oh sweet jesus”, I hear you cry, “not another Dam-Funk blog!”. Well, I admit he IS becoming fairly ubiquitous in the blogosphere these days, but for good reason in my opinion. Dam-Funk (real name Damon Riddick) is a Californian resident with a deep, deep love of that funk/dance/R’nB sound that came out of the States […]

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The Juan MacLean “Happy House”(Matthew Dear Vs Audion Remix)

Matthew Dear knows his way around a room full of knobs and samplers (I mean studio equipment, not The Neptunes). From his post punk contortions for Ghostly International (as Matthew Dear) to his crowd-slaying big room excursions (as Audion), the man has an ear for dynamics and  arrangement. This is his brand new remix for […]

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Felix Dickinson Interview

Cynic Record’s Felix Dickinson is a head’s head. He’s one of those real, approachable all-about-the-music underground cats. He’s been promoting, DJing, producing and partying in a fashion that’s made him an established figure in the underground disco scene for more than a few moons. Last week he dropped the drawbridge on Castle Dickinson and dropped […]

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Idjut Boys Interview

Legendary continent bounding deejays. Owners of seminal record labels Noid, U-Star, Discfunction, Cottage and now Droid. Remixers extraordinaire and funny, funny dudes. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the Idjut Boys.

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