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Ned Doheny- Get It Up For Love (1976)

If by chance you’d spotted me on the streets of Camden yesterday evening you’d have seen me ambling along, headphones in, looking wistfully at the rising moon with an idiotic grin on my face. I was listening to the Cali sweetness of Ned Doheny’s Hard Candy album. Ned is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from […]

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Red Rack’em Interview (Part 2)

Here’s the second part of my exclusive interview with the relentlessly entertaining Daniel Berman aka Red Rack em. Here he talks influences, deejaying and collaboration… One of my favourite interviews to date, no doubt…

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Red Rack’em Interview (Part 1)

Last weekend I nervously travelled to Nottingham to DJ at a secret party thrown by Red Rack’em, he of the Smuggler’s Inn Radio Show and eclectic releases on Untracked, Tirk and Deep Freeze. The party started at 2am and finished at 7am; the well-up-for-it partygoers consisted of the kind of freaks that DJ’s dream of […]

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Frank Booker Q & A

Frank Booker has produced one of the most exciting new artist EP’s of the last six months with the ‘Brothers‘ EP (in my humble-ish opinion). “Nepotism!” I hear you cry (he’s on Untracked Recordings after all; the label I half own). Thankfully I’m not alone in this: DJ’s such as Todd Terje and Detroit’s Recloose […]

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Christopher Tubbs’ Jupiter Mix

I made this mix about a month or so ago: it’s got a few well known heaters, a couple of exclusive edits and some pretty new bangers. I originally sent a link to a few nerds on Facebook, but lately I’ve been hassled by other random peeps for a copy. So here it is kids! […]

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Andy Blake Interview

Here’s a wee interrogation of Dissident Records head honcho Andy Blake. The dude’s, well, a dude and has more kick-ass records and analog synth action going on than is strictly necessary. Check it out… (N.B- I have re-posted this, as I’ve had to rejig the format. Apologies to those who’ve already viewed this!)

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Zero 7- Everything Up (Zizou) (Mock N Took Mix)

Last summer (if you could call it that) I went to the Padded Cell release party at Cafe 1000 in London. I was exhausted after working the incomprehensibly bad Gatecrasher festival (horrible weather, terrible organisation and an unbelievable level of contempt for the reveller) and not really in the mood to go out and shake […]

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Shit Robot- Simple Things(Work It Out)(Todd Terje Version)

Here’s a wee peek at the new Todd Terje remix of the latest offering from DFA’s Shit Robot: it’s got pianos, it’s got acid- hell, it’s even got a rave break! Sooooo June 2009 darling.

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Kathy Diamond Interview

Another week, another underground hero- or heroine in this case. Sheffield-born Kathy Diamond struck disco gold with her now classic collaboration with producer Maurice Fulton, “Miss Diamond To You”. The critical acclaim for single “All Woman” made label Permanent Vacation a label to watch and the record itself the first bonafide classic to come out […]

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Wickett- “Can’t Get Enough Of You” (1983)

I recently came across this insanely hot boogie nugget listening to a Dam Funk DJ mix, and it stood out a Long Beach mile. It was originally released on (a young) Tony Garcia’s Mr T records: it received zero props in America at the time, but was blazing hot on the European club circuit. Of course […]

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