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Killer parties that I’m playing or parties that I think you should get your ass down to…

Ashley Beedle at Caravan THIS Saturday

Ashley Beedle’s music has been a bit of a THING with me over the years. I can pinpoint so many moments when I first heard AB records: from Ballistic Brothers to Black Science Orchestra to his latest productions under his own name, they’ve all had a profound effect on me, seeing me through some of […]

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LN-CC Recordings Launch Night 12th December

It was inevitable I guess; LN-CC were always going to take this step officially. Think about who works there: Jonny Nash from Land Of Light, Dan Mitchell from Bad Passion… In fact they’re all total record nerds. So, subsequently you also know that when they do this they’re going to do it with some conviction. […]

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Caravan ‘Special Days Indeed’ Mix & final party

It had to end sooner or later I suppose. Not even the most repeatedly lobotomised optimist could call my Caravan night a ‘Summer’ session anymore. Still, it’s a hell of a shame (as I so adore doing it) and we have the long dark tunnel of winter to stumble through before I start talking to […]

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Machine ‘Redhead’ (Joe Claussell Interpretations)

This looks great- I’ll definitely be getting my shabby ass down there. Maybe I’ll even don a caftan in Claussell’s honour. Or not, as the case may be. Go here for RSVP.

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Caravan ‘Le Début d’Été’ Mix

It’s about that time again: I’ve very pleased to announce that after much to-ing and fro-ing the Heads Down Saturday Summer Sessions will be returning to Caravan again for 2012. Last year was fantastic, but exhausting, so we’ve decided to bring it back fortnightly so I don’t have to be stretchered out of there come […]

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Bad Passion with the Idjut Boys

I’m posting about this for two reasons, those reasons being the two exceptional sets of people involved. The Bad Passion boys are, you guessed it, endlessly passionate about their music and incredibly serious about the less-than-serious business of throwing a wicked party. The Idjut Boys are absolutely sensational on a good night, and nothing less […]

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TONIGHT at Mighty Mighty, Wellington, NZ

I’m very excited to announce I’ll be playing tonight at Wellington’s legendary Mighty Mighty from midnight till late with extremely able assistance from local hero B Lo (who more than knows his onions). The last time I played here two years ago I had A BALL, so it’s always a bit nerve-wrecking going back to […]

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Nick The Record Pop-Up Store At LN-CC

Nick The Record is one of those names that has been buried deep in my London musical consciousness since the early nineties (he was a regular player at DJ Harvey’s Moist night in Covent Garden), his name is almost a byword for record lust, obsessive collecting and an uncynical love for spreading the (near) perfect […]

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Caravan Le Fin Du Fin Mix

Well, here it is folks: my last Caravan mix of the year. I’ve so loved my second year doing the Saturday night summer Heads Down Sessions at Caravan in Exmouth Market; it’s been amazing to me just how many of you lovely people have actually come down to support- THANKYOU. I went quite housetastic in […]

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Feel My Bicep Residency @ Plastic People

My friends over at the illustrious Feel My Bicep blog have launched a monthly residency at London’s world-famous Plastic People club (a club known for it’s impeccable soundsystem) and I have a strong suspicion it’s going to be a killer night. These dudes have a highly diverse and refined dance music palette (as well as […]

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