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Lady Blackbird ‘Collage’ (Bruise Remix)

Collage (Bruise Remix) by Lady Blackbird Not since Roisin Murphy’s ‘Incapable’ has there been such a tub-thumping, sweat-dripping-from-the-walls euphoria dowsing of a record. The slightly off kilter piano loop, jacking baseline and this talented woman’s exceptional vocal make this a record I’ll be playing all summer (if you’re in the southern hemisphere) and the perfect […]

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Khan ‘Give Me More’ (Second Circle)

I grant you, it’s a bit odd posting two records from the same label one after the other. However, when a label is on fire, it’s on fire. While the Giuseppe Leonardi was a couple of months old, this is a brand spanking new reissue (if there is such a thing) of a 1994 mid […]

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Giuseppe Leonardi ‘MenteMente’ (Second Circle)

While I always used to be desperate to get the newness up on the blog first, these days I like to take a different approach: I like to live with a record for a month (or two) and see if it’s still doing it for me. If it’s still delivering after 40 drives with the […]

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Roisin Murphy ‘Murphy’s Law’ (Cosmodelica Remix)

While I know this remix is probably in pretty much everyone’s serotonin replacement playlist (if it’s not, well, you’re welcome) and perhaps not a typical Heads Down record, I just had to talk about it. As with any single that follows a classic, La Murphy’s original was a record with a lot of expectation riding […]

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Frank Booker Interview

Last year I had the total pleasure of playing alongside one of my favourite DJs, Mr Chris Cox aka Frank Booker down at Body Electric at Club 121 in Wellington, New Zealand. It was a classic evening from the needle dropping on the first record to the last hugs… One of those ones. Beforehand Monsieur […]

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Maurice Fulton & Peggy Gou ‘Jigoo’

For those of you who have followed the blog over the years it will come as no surprise that this is just another article of proof that my Maurice Fulton fanboydom is veering on out of control. From wayback in the Spectrum and Tranfusion label days to the golden era power punches of the Love […]

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Omar S ‘You Want’ LP

Omar S’s new LP might just be the best electronic album of the year, in February (how’s that for annoying journalistic hyperbole). Let’s get that out of the way. It swerves on an empty Detroit superhighway between dance tropes with a gas face ghetto steeliness that just can’t be faked. Like the Ron Hardy reel […]

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LX72 aka Lexx ‘State Of Resilience’

I’ve been waiting for for my 12″ of this to arrive in the post New Zealand Christmas logjam, as I didn’t want to write a word before I could physically put a needle on it. It’s so heartening to hear a club record from Swiss underground hero Lexx (aka Alex Storrer), because irrespective of genre […]

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Flamingo Pier ‘Indigo EP’

Brothers in arms Luke, Brad and Dominic are back with a new discoid ICBM in the form of the Indigo EP on the ever-reliable Soundway Records, just in time for the tail end of the southern hemisphere’s summer and the leg-baring optimism of the European spring. Their upliftingly cosmic, afro house sensibilities are once again […]

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Zatua ‘Nun Vuelvas Más’

One of the great things about this “new” way of record shopping is it’s possible to actually live with music for a while before you take the plunge at your local vinyl emporium or Discogs. You can Spotify or Bandcamp the shit out of it before saying “yes, this record will actually leave it’s sleeve […]

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